Friday, March 03, 2006

Grand Prix Wives, I

It couldn't have been much fun being a Grand Prix driver's wife in Motor racing's dangerous years. Here are a few names:

Ronnie Peterson's wife, the tragic Barbro Edwardson. Bette Shubrook is almost as well known as husband Graham Hill and son Damon. Arleo Bodie was Dan Gurney's wife in his racing days, later he married Evi Butz. Stirling Moss was married to Katie Molson, then American Elaine Barbarino and third wife Suzie Paine is now Lady Moss. Lynn Condon was married to Mike Spence, her sister Gaile Condon was Mrs Tony Maggs. Sally Curzon was married to Piers Courage, Ceril Heycock became Princess Ceril when she married Bira, Guisepina Resegotti is better known as Pina, wife of Tony Brooks. More to come.


bev said...

i'm looking for elaine barbarino moss - still in london area, i believe -

bev simons m----, one of the 415 mad ave 'mad men' 'rowland girls' asst acct exec (to alma d - the ONLY female acct exec in the co! circa 1962-63)

old radnor said...

You could contact Stirling, Elaine is the mother of his daughter Allison so he'd surely have contact details.

Stirling is one of the few British celebs who is actually in the phone book: 020 7499 3272

Reet said...

I would like to contact Bette Shubrook as that is my family name.

old radnor said...

Your best bet would probably be to write C/O Damon Hill at the British Racing Drivers Club, Silverstone