Friday, February 23, 2007

More Memorabilia

Here's an interesting item, currently on sale at ebay.

The seller states "This example was believed to have belonged to former F1 Lotus driver - the late Innes Ireland. It is thought that he modified the standard mounting bracket to allow the badge to be fitted through the radiator grille of his vintage 3 litre Bentley." That would explain why there is no identifying detail such as a name or membership number - which is usually to be found on the mounting bracket.

The price at the moment is a paltry £28.50, about 100 times less than the price paid for a "Jim Clark" badge a few months ago. The word is that the BRDC retain ownership of these badges although I don't know if they actually take any steps to get their property back. Who knows, they might, after all Innes was the BRDC president back in the early 90s.

Update: The badge finally sold for £125. A pre-war Ivy Cummings badge, and as a woman she would only have been an honorary member, sold on ebay for £511 a couple of months ago. I guess the poor condition and lack of provenance counted against this item.

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