Friday, December 14, 2007

Caesar Jenkyns

I suppose it's understandable that the little Breconshire town of Builth Wells would want to claim former Wesh soccer International and captain of Woolwich Arsenal Caesar Augustus Llewellyn Jenkyns as one of their own, but is it true?

The census returns tell a different story, as this son of a policeman in the old Radnorshire Constabulary seems actually to have been born in the village of Boughrood, which is, of course, on the correct side of the river Wye.

By the way if you think Caesar Augustus was an unusual name, his younger, Cwmteuddwr born brother, was called Plato.


Plwm said...

"seems actually to have been born"

Such uncertainty suggests we can continue to claim him as one of our own. At least until KJJ serves up the proof.
Incidentally when I checked this morning, Builth was quite categotically on the correct side of the Wye.

kjj said...

I was not actually present at the birth, so cannot say with 100% certainty. However ...

The GRO birth index shows Caesar was born in the registration district of Hay (1866 3Q Volume11b page 143. You can check that out on the freebmd site. The census returns show place of birth as Boughrood - Boughrood was in the registration district of Hay until 1933 so that fits. Check this out on the Familysearch site which gives free access to the 1881 census, search for Jenkins not Jenkyns.

I'm so sorry to have deprived Builth of this sporting hero, you have some nice Christmas lights though ... well done.

Anonymous said...

I think they're still bitter down the Buallt that Kevin Sheedy played for the ROI and not the place of his birth.

carrie jenks said...

I was led to believe by my father, Peter Jenkyns, that we are descendants of Caesar and Plato Jenkyns...
My grandfather, Thomas Jenkyns was from Llandaff -
any relations out there?

Anonymous said...

Dear Carrie,
I think we are related on Caesar's mother's side.
Please contact on: