Sunday, February 01, 2009

What's in a Name?

Still no sign of any Welsh counties being available from the 1911 Census, no doubt they will be the last to be done.

Never mind, there's a super new search facility on which lets you track down births 1837-2005 without any of the previous hastle. Hours of innocent enjoyment to be had searching out trivia, for example there were plenty of folk with the forename Elvis, even before the Tupelo hipster made it big. Worst name choice? Adolf Russell, born in the summer of 1939.


JC's Knickers said...

Talking of names, The One Show (it's a TV show that you can't watch on that TV you don't have just did a piece on a place called Watchet in Somerset. Turns out the name is of British origin (or what is now called Welsh), gwo-coed, which I'm sure you know the meaning of.

kjj said...

Got to admit that Gwo is a new one on me ... this has nothing to do with Carol Thatcher has it?