Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Correction

Misled by the Oxford Companion to the Literature of Wales I've always believed that Builth born writer Thomas Prichard authored the very first Welsh novel, The Adventures and Vagaries of Twm Shon Catti, which was published in 1828.

Now it seems that Radnorian Edward Davies of Llanfaredd's epistolary novel Elisa Powell beat the Breconian by a generation, hitting the streets in 1795.

Wyesiders will realise how much I hate to do this, but the truth must be told.


T Pritchard said...

Thanks to Google Books I was able to peruse some of Miss Powell's trials. Truly it doth remind me of Radnorshire, being most tiresome and vexatious in the extreme.

Anonymous said...

ah but it was first

radnorian said...

Well done Mr Prichard, that's the first review of the novel to appear since .... 1795 I guess.