Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Walk in the Park

Can't think what came over me posting modern stuff like Jemma Griffiths, apologies. Now here's some Sixties pop genius from Coventry schoolgirls The Orchids. Oh and if you want to complete your collection of Adamsdown Soul, here's Tawney Reed and My Heart Cries, the B-side of her second and final single.


David Jacobs said...

That's better, no more of that Jem, Gruff Rhys or Duffy stuff. More Maralene and the like please. That fellow at forgotten albums has posted some all too brief samples from Just for You.Cotton Fields is truly remarkable.

kjj said...

Thanks Mr J, Ill try to do better. I don't know about Maralene though, a bit too Mary Hopkin for me. Did she ever get down and dirty or was all her stuff kind of angelic?

Now Fred Jordan on that Forgotten Albums site is something else.

David Jacobs said...

Arrh! Has anybody ever collected the songs of a Radnor farmworker? Seriously it's a pity that rural Welsh singers have not been collected in the same way as the Coppers, Walter Pardon or even Fred Jordan. Unless of course you can tell me different.

kjj said...

Well Bob Tai'r Felin was pretty good but Radnorians, I'm not aware of any being recorded ... but what do I know. I've heard a couple of the Jordan repertoire sung by old fellows in local pubs. One verse I remember from "All Jolly Fellows Who Follow the plough" went:

There was a young lad went for work in the docks and the foreman sais pick up those hundred weight blocks and carry them over that bridge on your head, my name is John Simpson not Samson John said.