Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Simmering Discontent or Hyperbole?

As one of those Radnorians who still think of Llandrindod as something of a Johnny-come-lately on the local scene, I can't say that I am at all well-informed about the storms that occasionally boil over in that particular tea-cup. Wilfing around the internet I was surprised to discover that back in the summer the Spa town was simmering with discontent. As things turned out this "groundswell" amounted to no more than a couple of dozen votes, as Mr Gary Price romped home to an easy victory.

Anyway it now seems that Mr Price has joined the "ultra-right" Montgomeryshire Independent group on Powys County Council. Wow! I knew that Nick Griffin lived in the Welshpool area but I hadn't realised that some Montgomeryshire version of the Iron Guard had been elected to the County Council.

Of course it could be that this is just hyperbole and that the Montgomeryshire Independent Group are merely a bunch of well-meaning souls who happen to disagree with the Liberal Democrats.


Anonymous said...

Simmering discontent or more bile from somebody who seemingly still can't accept that the stalwart voters of Llandrindod South rejected him. Never mind there's still the Spa Town Trust. Nice victorian architecture.

Anonymous said...

Isn't describing the phrase 'simmering discontent' as hyperbole somewhat hyperbolic in itself? My head hurts.

kjj said...

mmmmh yes Nonny I see what you mean "Ultra-Right or Hyperbole?" would have been a better title ...... sorry about your head.