Monday, February 15, 2010

A Radnorshire Book from Canada?

I've posted before about the Duggan brothers from Llansantffraid yn Elfael who made something of a splash in Albertan politics back in the early years of the last century, here and here. Now a correspondent writes to point out that Joseph Duggan (pictured) penned a volume about his little Welsh home called "The Unforgotten Valley, Studies of Life and Character on the Welsh Border". Anymore information about this book?

Of course Duggan married the Builth contralto Bessie Evans, daughter of local musical maestro Llew Buallt and readers might be interested in a snippet from the recently published treasury of local history Cymru Evan Jones. It seems that Llew (Evan Evans) was living at Melin Dol Llinwydd on the Duhonw brook during the great flood of 1853. Such was the height of the deluge that the family had to seek shelter in the loft and then as the waters continued to rise were forced to break through onto the roof. Their troubles were not over, as half the building suddenly collapsed into the torrent, young Evan would have been seven years old at the time.


Jumpinjehoshephet said...

sorry I got the book name wrong on the first posting- here it is:
"The Unforgotten Valley, Studies of Life and Character on the Welsh Border" by Duggan, Joseph J.

Jumpinjehoshephet said...

BTW- I have a copy of a picture of Llew B- (Evan Evans) if you're interested.

Rich Meredith said...

I'd be very interested in a pic of Evan Evans if poss as I am doing a history of that family currently. My email is nice blog! Good to see someone else interested in the homeland's past!

old radnor said...

Sorry Rich I don't have Jumpin J's email and never followed up the offer of a photo.

BTW I've seen from some of your stuff on that you may have done some research into some of my ancestors - Jabez Jones, whose son Rees was at Gemrhiw, Llanwrthwl and whose daughter Eleanor married Evan Davies, a taylor from Newbridge.

Jon said...

I have this book, inscribed by Duggan in 1932. It has a few line drawings but no photos,lots of pastoral and character's descriptions. Much of this appears to have been disguised,the first half detailing "home village of Llanbadarn" in general, Ebenezer baptist chapel there in particular. The nearby "village of Cwmbach" and "market town of St Arthur" could be anywhere.Later chapters are more specific,one dedicated to bonesetters "centered on Hugh Morgan and family" mirrors the Lloyd clan to me. More impressionistic than one for historical facts?

lewisgaine said...

Hi could I have your email adress as I recently purchased a box with pictures stuck to the inside saying these names. Would like to send you some photos

Jumpinjehoshephet said...

my address is
Doug Evans
1237 Lookout Avenue
Oceanside, CA 92057-1956 USA

thanks in advance!


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and my email address is