Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Election Round-Up

I've got a stalker .... his name's Nick Clegg and he keeps sending me letters. It's all a bit unnerving.

I did think of voting for the Tory, especially after watching a determined 70 year old, who normally walks with a stick, scrambling down a cliff face to recover a Suzy Davies placard thrown there by some hater. I thought about it, but then I remembered those poor folk evicted into the snows of Rhos Llanyre in the 1830s and I realised it was too soon, give it another 100 years and maybe.

Years ago candidates actually used to turn up on your doorstep but nowadays campaigning seems to be restricted to the telly. The only one to make it down my garden path was the Labour lad, who is about 15 and hasn't yet sipped too deep at the well of cynicism.

UKIP? I hadn't realised that the only people they hate more than the Continentals are each other. If you enjoy a bit of a snigger then check out this UKIP member's blog.

Back in 1970 I hitch-hiked halfway across the country to cast a vote for Plaid Cymru. Nowadays? Well, the most interesting thing about their campaign is the age of their candidate - is she 56 or 70? In the interest of completeness I should mention that there are three looney candidates standing, one green one, one mad one and one with a silly hat.


Anonymous said...

I've had that Suzy Davies on my doorstep. I wasn't in so she put a scrawled note on a post-it through the door. She doesn't know how lucky she is that I was up at Aldi.

old radnor said...

You obviously live in a posh area. I did see a leading local Tory on our estate once, but I think he was visiting a home-worker.