Saturday, September 11, 2010

Greater Radnorshire

Since the American Senate functions with just 100 elected members, Powys County Council can hardly complain about the Boundary Commission's proposal to axe 15 councillors and reduce the chamber to 64.

Radnorshire Councillors are to be congratulated on trying to maintain the county's separate identity during this process of redrawing of constituency borders. At the same time merging Aberedw with Erwd has a lot of merit. No doubt our members see it as a Breconshire takeover, but that needn't be so. It was just an oversight of the 1535 Act that Builth Hundred was included in Breconshire in the first place, historically it was always tied much more closely to its Radnorshire neighbours. Simple solution, transfer all the Buallt seats to the Shire Committee for Radnorshire.


Anonymous said...

Meet me on the banks of the Wye with your swords and your coracles!

Anonymous said...

Don't go Radnorian, he sounds like a water bailiff out for an easy arrest.

Radnor Fferllys said...

Brilliant idea - reunite Beullt with a chunk of old Rhwng Gwy a Hafren.....Elystan would approve!