Wednesday, November 17, 2010

When We Were Kings

As Radnorians recover from the devastating news that Kate Middleton appears to have NO Radnorshire connections, readers can at least console themselves with this report on the recent Elystan Glodrydd celebration in Llanbister. See here.


Rob said...

So, twelve years of devolution and what we have is a gathering of the ancient ruling class turned country gentry prentending they give a toss about Maesyfed.

And this: "After John had finished, the message from His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, which he sent in Welsh and English, was read out - Margaret Bowen read it in Welsh and Philip in English. Those present responded with great appreciation and acclaimed the toast: ‘God Bless The Prince of Wales’. ".

Excuse me while I throw up.

Please return to posting about the real Radnorshire of poaching, tai unnos and Rebecca, and ignore this sentimental crap.

old radnor said...

Indeed ... or as Lewis Glyn Cothi said to an earlier resident of Llanbister:

Ni char Maelienydd araith
Un Sais nac un as o'i waith.

Maelienydd disdains the discourse
Of any Saxon or any jot of his doings.

Anonymous said...

Good post Rob. Those behind the Llanbister farce appear to be the same ones who've turned Cilmeri into a twee, sterile gathering. Part time patriots and full time establishment toadies. The George Thomas Appreciation Society?