Saturday, January 29, 2011

Penny Note Book - part 2

The first three extracts are from 1899. The Gramophone appears in Aberedw in 1901, probably a model like this. The pretty bird appeared in 1906 - I guess it's too late to report to the Radnor bird blog. In the same year the pious old lady of Llanbadarn y Garreg met with her accident.


Rob said...

Sad story at the end. Note, however, the total absence of any kind of 'something must be done' sentiment. We seem to have lost the sense that life is sometimes unfortunate, and in our efforts to prevent misfortune have made ourselves and our children in particular prisoners, scared to venture out of our homes, our metal boxes on wheels, or our schools-turned-concentration camps.

jock said...

Let's not forget the scares - the BSE scare which was going to kill hundreds of thousands, the asbestos scare, oh and the global warming scare etc etc.

I don't know about schools being concentration camps, they are, sadly, places of political indoctrination.