Sunday, May 08, 2011

Union Jock

So I guess circa 2016 the Union flag could look something like this.


Burly Chassis said...

Let's hope so. It'll provide an alternative home to those of us that don't want to be governed by the hardcore Labour supporters of South Wales. Unless of course Plaid take a leaf out of the Alex Salmond play book and broaden their appeal significantly. If the US can have an African American president fifty years after the civil rights riots then surely Plaid can start drawing its talent from, and appealing to the non-Welsh speaking majority. Then again, as Noel Coward might have said,'Never underestimate the potency of the welfare state and public sector jobs'.

old radnor said...

With the English threatening independence as well, maybe the UK will end up with just one member... Wales.

Anonymous said...

Please look up the origins of the english flag, its eye opening...basically a copy of the genoan flag for trading reasons heheh