Saturday, October 01, 2011

Forgotten Radnorian?

On the face of it Enoch Powell isn't a Forgotten Radnorian at all. His Radnorshire connections are mentioned in biographies written by competent authors and put out by reliable publishers.

Mr Powell would make a worthy addition to the list of those Radnorians who have made a contribution to Welsh scholarship. After all he was the joint editor of Llyfr Blegywryd, an edition of a version of the Laws of Hywel Dda published by the University Of Wales.

Unfortunately when we look for a Radnorian connection what do we find? It's easy enough to trace the Powells as far back as the mid 18C, they come from Somerset. Likewise his mother's family, the Breezes, are found in Newport, Shropshire. His other grandparents' lines show no recent Radnorshire roots either.

A case of authors repeating "a fact" for which they have no evidence?


Glenys Kinnock said...

Lord Norton gave a good lecture on Enoch Powell earlier this year. Third lecture down, just after that windbag Kinnock.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sod it.

old radnor said...

Glenys - calm down dear

Fferllys said...

I was privileged to have Enoch as a godfather and he did indeed speak of his Radnorshire roots, but I can't say what the path was that led him back here. One of his great friends was Sir Anthony Wagner, former Garter King of Arms and I think a man who could be described as a great genealogist. I wonder if Sir Anthony connected the dots in Enoch's family tree?

Anonymous said...

Why did Enoch then talk about the threat to the anglo saxons from migration when as a geneticist at University of York, I know the english are only 20-30% anglo saxon/danish in DNA maybe at best and thats towards the east coast.
He and the english arent that anglo-saxon. Strange case of people thinking they are pure english with no evidenece? He was a Powell as well! Chwerthin yn uchel

Fferllys said...

The answer to aanonymous's question: "Why did Enoch then talk about the threat to the anglo saxons from migration when as a geneticist at University of York, I know the english are only 20-30% anglo saxon/danish in DNA"
...must be that genetic research hadn't advanced far enough, been published widely nor firmly made such conclusions before Enoch Powell died, or had become too old to study.

He would, I believe, have been fascinated to have studied such research.

Anonymous is right that many people in England are genetic 'celts' - but there are central & northern European celts and Iberian celts.... This goes partly also to explaining the talk fair and dark short people that Welsh history & legend refers to, I believe.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, difficult to assess the proportion of Anglo-Saxon DNA in the modern English without a reference sample of pure Anglo-Saxon DNA, no? A present-day difference might be due to genetic 'dilution' on either side of the North Sea. Those Anglo-Saxons just aren't what they were!

Simon Selby said...

Having been very pleased to discover numerous family connections in the general locality of Rhayader, Nantmel and Llanwrthwl I can add that there were many Powells evident in the family tree.
Most notably, there was a Dr (surgeon) living in Ashfield House/Farm, Nantmel in the 1700's who had ten is not beyond belief that Enoch may have have some connection to that group.....
One of the American Powell descendants has done quite a lot of research.
Anyone interested can check it out through my tree, or drop me a line.
My group was mostly Palfrey, Thomas, Jones, Ap Morris/Ap Evans (back to 1514) and Meredydd (Abergwesyn early 1600's)... The later supposedly back to the Prince of Fferllys (but that may be wishful thinking).
Simon Selby (proud to be of Welsh stock)
Trowbridge, Wilts.