Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympic Legacy

By Jingo, the unionists and the agenda driven BBC think they've got Alex Salmond on the run.  I doubt it. Not much evidence, around here at least, of those flag-bedecked cars you see during the big rugby and soccer tournaments.  Does anyone really believe that political and national loyalties are influenced by how well TeamGB does in the Lightweight Double Sculls?

Your blogger did learn one useful thing during the two week, red white and blue extravaganza though, the natives of Flint are adamant we should say "off Flint" rather than "from Flint."  Why?

Meanwhile back in the real world ............


Anonymous said...

Goebbels understood the power of the Olympics. He also understood the power of the repetition of lies and the danger that truth always poses to the state.

Anonymous said...

Oh contre! a great revolution occured during those games,a quiet one all be it.for a new kind of spirit,atmosphere perhaps centred around a disstablishment towards the old guard and witnessed within stella mccartneys classic use of said flag in a new design.owes something perhaps to manchester city but none the less impressive.
As for flintonians better to be of than some sharp edged mineral.