Saturday, December 01, 2012


Billionairess J K Rowling wants me to sign a petition, so do Emma Watson and Tom Watson, Dorset squire Billy Bragg, lovable Stephen Fry and a host of other cultural icons and rich people.  Sorry guys, no can do, not even for Alastair Campbell.

We all know that Cameron was panicked  into setting up the Leveson inquiry by the Digger's snooping into such modern-day saints as the Rev Chris, Blessed Charlotte of Cardiff and Max Mosley.  Dave said he would implement its recommendations as long as they weren't bonkers.

Now that the great tome has been published perhaps Cameron should just be honest enough to admit that this lawyers' beanfeast is indeed bonkers.  How else to describe a proposed coercive system of "self-regulation" that would make a non-compliant paper liable for its own legal costs, even in libel cases it had won, or which envisages a kitemark for state-approved journalism.


Anonymous said...

Cameron's stance on Leveson allows him to look libertarian, look after his buddies and secure press support for 2015. All the while, he wants to push the Draft Communications Data Bill through. He couldn't give a monkey's about freedom of expression.

radnor redivivus said...

You're probably correct but his opposition to Leveson legislation is still a good thing. People who value liberty should oppose both.

BTW I apologise to readers who now have to fill in some unreadable guff in order to comment. I just got fed up deleting spam.