Friday, June 13, 2014

A Virtual Death

Sometime back in March, I'm not sure of the exact date, Radnorian passed away.  Not, let me hasten to add, the Radnorian of the real world ..... no this was the virtual beast; cause of death, computer malfunction.

At the time there was no great need to get back on line. Here was an opportunity, for example, to read a few books, including some that had remained unopened since purchase a couple of decades ago.  Of course there were drawbacks - following the situation in Ukraine via the mainstream media was a trial, with very few correspondents reporting the news rather than the narrative.

I would also have liked to have had a say on the Euro elections. I'd long ago thought up a snappy blog post heading "Why I'm Voting UKIP." Truthfully there was no chance of that happening and in the end I voted, without enthusiasm, for Plaid Cymru.  I wonder how many, like me, voted Plaid despite rather than because of their policies?  Perhaps Robert Griffiths of No2EU would have been a better choice and I did think of supporting him - in Powys he ended up with just 98 vote.  This for the party of Bob Crow, with a serious and well-qualified candidate.  So much for radical Wales and the idea that Labour can be out-flanked on the left.

Nowadays many of us have two lives.  In the real world we may be anonymous but in the virtual world you're a keyboard warrior.  Others, like Mr Griffiths, may be out addressing public meetings and leading a party but are largely unknown to Twitter.

I did wonder if my death last March might be noticed in the virtual world.  Would there be a few blog comments awaiting moderation regretting my passing, even a couple of tweets noting my demise?  Such vanity.  Radnorian died without so much as a whimper ...... now he's returned, chastened, to have his say.


Unknown said...

Well I missed you.

Jac o' the North, said...

I also missed you, but didn't you tell us you were going to put up the shutters? Or was that with Twitter?

radnorian said...

Yes twitter, but I lied

Jac o' the North, said...

Well, there you are. Misleading people like that qualifies you to be a Ukip candidate.

Llew Buallt said...

The real Radnorian was spotted recently near Disserth so no cause for alarm. Welcome back to the virtual world. What do you know of the Cobdens of Radnorshire?