Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Radnorshire in Print

Spotted a couple of Radnorshire related books on sale this Christmastide

and this colourful and well-illustrated publication.


Bryn-Daf said...

Why is any respectable Welshman using "Rhayader" as a spelling anymore (unless is that dialect spelling?).....usually pronounced "raider" by new locals

Up in northern Wales....people using Conway instead of conwy are met with derision :O XD

radnorian said...

I'm not offended by Rhayader and use it myself on occasions. The purpose of the blog was firstly to inform Radnorshire folk about their own history and secondly to inform the rest of Wales, for whom Radnorshire is either a closed book or somewhere to be treated with disdain.

Rhayader is the familiar spelling for Radnorshire people whereas Rhaeadr smacks of the outsider, even though in this case, for once, it is more correct. I sometimes wonder if the local pronunciation hints at the plural form rhëydr although the bardic poetry shows that the spelling Rhaeadr Gwy is old.