Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Film Show

I'm afraid I blame most of societies present day ills on a combination of project work in primary schools and the malign unforeseen consequences of Jeremy Sandford's influential television programme Cathy Come Home. The later helped create our social problems while the former means that no-one will ever get around to actually doing something to cure them. Whatever, it was interesting to read Jeremy's account of a film show held in New Radnor in the house of local doctor and amateur film-maker Dick Jobson. It's quite a long piece but you can read it here. One of those in attendance was "racing motorist" Innes Ireland who turned up in a Ferrari. In all probability this was the Ferrari 250 GTO in which he won the 1962 Tourist Trophy. Innes quite often used this as a road-car, indeed his wife used it to do her shopping.


Plwm (pwy?) said...

A fascinating piece, once past the the usual cliches; outnumbered by sheep, desolate dank dark valleys, craggy misty outcrops snd so on.

What became of Dr Jobson? Where are his films? I await further details KJJ.

Anonymous said...

Dr Jobson died a few years ago, I know his photographic negatives were purchased by a chap called Laurence Smith - he's published a book about another New Radnor photographer called William McKaig.