Saturday, January 12, 2008

Llandrindod Uncovered

What to say about this book about growing up and living in Llandrindod Wells in the 1950s and beyond? It isn't well written but it is certainly a page turner and the rhymes, while giving McGonagall a run for his money, usually have something interesting to say.

Mr Roberts certainly doesn't echo the words of the Reverend Eli Jenkins' prayer, he seems to prefer to see the worst side rather than the best in quite a few of those who cross his path. The book can seem cruel and thoughtless, only the author's opinions appear to count, with little or no regard for the feelings of others. It has all the fascination of the gossip column and will no doubt prove a gold-mine for local historians in year's to come.

Growing up around the same time as the author and living not a million miles from Llandrindod Wells, I recognize quite a few of the characters who populate this book. Somehow, I never got to meet Ken Roberts and on the evidence of No Stamps in My Passport that's a fact for which I am fairly grateful. A book that is well worth buying and reading, although some may wish to contact a solicitor after doing so..


mr ffffffff said...

As a radnorman living in new york, so to speak, where can i get a copy of this book then kjj??
I'm intrigued if reference is made to the butchers and barbers of middleton street.

kjj said...

Dear ffffffff

Have a look for Ken Roberts in the authors section of ... you can download the first chapter free, well you could a couple of weeks ago.

Plenty of butcher related stuff most of it controversial.