Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Largest Greek City in the World

Well actually it's Athens although Melbourne may well be third. Look back at the census returns for the beginning of the twentieth century and the town with the most heads of household born in Radnorshire isn't Rhayader or Knighton and certainly not Llandrindod. Infact it was Merthyr Tydfil.

So while some might see Radnorshire as a rather fey, in-between land, a place which incomers can safely colonise without having to rub shoulders with prickly North Walians or perspicacious Southerners, the better-informed will know that the county has always been part and parcel of mainstream Wales.

Back to the song. In the 80s you'd often find it on jukeboxes in South Wales pubs. We used to play it - much to his annoyance - for a workmate from Tylorstown. There are not enough Welsh songs in English. It never bothered the Irish but in Wales I think there's been a tendency to think Welsh songs should only be in the Welsh language.


Llew Buallt said...

Just need one song delivered with the impact of Runrig singing "Loch Lomond" or Stivell doing "Tri Martolod" ... and no "Hymns and Bloody Arias" is not that song.

old radnor said...

I see your typing paw is back in action Llew. Croeso 'nol. Hymns and Arias poves a point, the crowd want something to sing and that's all there is.

I accept that my ditty "The Bold Rebeccaite Attack on Llanbadarn Fynydd Police Station" isn't going to fill the gap

Llew Buallt said...

Perhaps Charlie & The Bhoys could record your song.

old radnor said...

Didn't they do a version of that old Builth favourite "Sion Smout of Cwmowen"

Maybe not.