Monday, February 25, 2013

Hands Off Wales

The first military action taken by modern day Welsh nationalists - and by this I mean those who didn't actually want to get caught - was the bomb attack on the Fron aqueduct, near Crossgates, on October 19th 1952.

I've always been aware of that event since it was covered in national newspapers which also happened to carry a photograph of your blogger, merrily waving a Union Jack outside Llandrindod railway station.  The occasion was the visit of the Queen to open the Claerwen reservoir and my excuse for such an uncharacteristic display of British enthusiasm?.... I was just three years old.

Given the early connection between Radnorshire and the subsequent 1960s militancy, which is the subject of this new book from Gwasg Gomer, it's somehow fitting that the author was born and brought up in Llandrindod.

I'm off to read it now.


Dan.I.Am. said...

I remember Wyn. Played a few games of 5-a-side with him back in the day when he worked in the leisure centre. Followed his band 'Uncle Tom' to venues as diverse as the Rugby Club and the Walsh Arms. My favourite tale of Wyn's exploits was when he placed a can of frozen lager in the microwave to defrost. It ended with a bang.

radnorian said...

Seems the author was a school pal of one of my cousins. Since I would have doubted if any of my cousin's friends had even read a book never mind written one, I'm suitably chastened. Ewch yn Uwch.

Dan.I.Am said...

I forgot to add that the bass player of 'Uncle Tom' was a mutual acquaintance; diminutive alumni of Aberystwyth University and former assistant to yourself at the hot house.

radnorian said...

I'm guessing he was no Percy Jones

Dan.I.Am said...

No. But no Sid Vicious either. Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus! I see the attraction in Gaynor back in the 70s, no need for botox back then! Certainly not as lost as Saint-Andre is at present!