Friday, February 22, 2013

The BBC - redacted version

It's not really fair is it, that the                 of          County Council, on a salary of £            per annum, pays the same              licence fee as a poor sod on the minimum wage.  Would all these folk who worship at the temple of the                               Corporation be so pleased if they had to pay the same proportion of their salary as Joe Soap, say £1500 a year.  I bet we'd hear less tosh about how it was such splendid value.


If we must have a                             , and of course the                 are eager beaver to extend the charge to computers and mobile phones as they've just done in Sweden, then how about a bit of devolution.  Perhaps Welsh licence fee payers could see their hard earned cash going to support         and an English language television channel for Wales.  Maybe the two channels would end up with less cash to waste than the present arrangements but that might be a good thing.  Think about it, no more                   no more                and no more David               talking            about over-population and                       .  As Jimmy Leveson used to say                       .   


Anonymous said...

joe soap gets great value from BBC and only pays 20percent tax at most whilst the poor guy from the council is paying the full licence as well and pays 50percent tax to pay for the BBC.Plus due to having a less stressful job joe soap is likely in old age to enjoy a free licence longer don't you think.

radnorian said...

Nope I don't - income tax doesn't pay for the BBC and in any case I think you'll find that the millions of low paid who don't avail themselves of the demeaning, means tested benefits system pay a lot more in tax than 20%.

As for the job being more stressful, you're having a laugh. Plenty of low paid workers actually engage in work that is often dangerous, unpleasant and can be a matter of life and death - building workers, care workers, transport workers etc .... and of course if they do make a mistake they usually end up in court.

Meanwhile hot house plants go to interminable meetings, playing with other people's money. If their activity does result in financial losses or in death eg Mid Staffs, why that's OK - no blame culture, early retirement on full pension or moved upwards or sideways.

And of course its the compulsion associated with the TV licence that makes it a particularly nasty form of regressive taxation.