Monday, June 29, 2009

Art Students ... eh.

Here's Radnorian Percy Jones playing bass guitar in the 1960's poetry band Liverpool Scene and no, they were never going to make the charts. It gets a lot better when Adrian Henri shuts up, around the 2.10 mark. I've got the Liverpool Scene book somewhere, wonder how much it would make on ebay?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Innes Ireland Bibliography


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Innes also penned many Grand Prix reports for Road and Track from the late 70s through the 80s

AUTOCAR ARTICLES BY INNES - far from complete!

1/5/1964, Controlling a spinning car
29/4/1966, Road-going Ford GT40 test

27/4/1967, Driving in the Daytona 500
20/7/1967, A Breath of Fresh Air, Interview with Fangio
27/7/1967, Indy turbine cars
26/10/1967, London Motor Show
30/11/1967, Driving a Cooper- Maserati

25/4/1968, Dream Along, Innes drives the exotics - road testing high performance cars
2/5/1968, Indy Lotus Turbine
20/6/1968, Jack Sears Interview - London-Sydeney recce
15/8/1968, Aston Martin DB6, long term assessment
5/9/1968, Lancia Fulvia, Marathon de la Route
19/9/1968, W O Bentley's 80th Birthday
26/11/1968, Racing driving techniques
12/12/1968, Drives Le Mans winning GT40
21/11/1968, London-Sydney, introducing his Mercedes
2/1/1969, Sydney Bound (part 1), the London-Sydney Marathon
9/1/1969, Sydney Bound (part 2)
30/1/1969, Happiness is Blue and Brabham Shaped
17/4/1969, £7700 Carrot - Audi100 LS & M-B 300 SEL 6.3
8/5/1969, Florida Frolic
21/8/1969, Crashing a Mercedes
10/1/1969, Driving the Williams Brabham-Ford
5/6/1969, Driving a Lancia in the Sebring 12 Hour Race
3/7/1969, Lotus Concept of Four-Wheel Drive
17/7/1969, The Men Behind the Glamour, A week with BRM
11/9/1969, Driving a C111
2/10/1969, Aquatic Marathon - Marathon de la Route report
16/10/1969, Aston Martin DBS - Long Term Assessment
26/2/1970, The State of GP racing
23/4/1970, Driving a 1959 Aston-Martin F1 car
1/5/1985, Driving With Moss in the Playboy series
11/09/1991, Diary - bumpy times at Spa

Innes also penned a column "The Sport" and contributed race reports during his time as Sports Editor in the late 60s. I've also only recently found out that Innes contributed articles to "Formula 1 News" magazine in the early 90s.

Innes had a column in the UK monthly Cars Illustrated circa 1963

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Last Radnorshire Election, Part One

It's something of a coincidence that while Radnorian Clem Edwards was representing Denbigh Boroughs at Westminster, his fellow Liberal MP, the Denbighshire born Frank Edwards, sat for Radnorshire.

Although it was a marginal, Frank Edwards represented the county for twenty of the twenty six years before the seat was combined with that of Breconshire at the 1918 Election. The Tories having snatched Radnor between 1895 and 1900 and during the short lived Parliament between January and December 1910.

That December 1910 election, which Edwards won with 2224 votes against 2182 for Tory Venables-Llewelyn, was the last Radnorshire election. The seat being subsequently abolished in favour of a new Welsh Universities seat, this being a time when graduates, like businessmen, were granted the privilege of two votes.

As far as I know UKIP and their newly elected MEP are not calling for the reintroduction of double votes for businessmen, athough much of their programme does seem to involve turning back the clock. While Radnorian can sympathise with opposition to the centralising of power in Brussels, the call to abolish the Assembly smacks of the Little Englander attitudes which drove Ireland out of the Union and which, no doubt, will do the same for Scotland should UKIP ever come to power. Home Rule and the call for a federal Britain were burning issues in the Westminster of Frank Edwards' day, UKIP seem determined to reinstate English domination of the other nations of what remains of the United Kingdom.

A Forgotten Radnorian - Clement Edwards

The barrister, radical journalist and politician, Allen Clement Edwards (1869-1938) was born in Knighton, the son of local auctioneer George Benjamin Edwards and his Llangynllo born school teacher wife Sarah Tudge.

Edwards was the Liberal MP for Denbigh Boroughs between 1906 and 1910. Defeated in the first election of that year, Edwards fought and won the East Glamorganshire constituency for the Liberals in the December 1910 election. A founder of the National Democratic and Labour Party - a Lloyd George supporting socialist grouping - he fought and won East Ham South for the party in 1918, serving until 1922.

As a young man Clem Edwards was a close associate of Tom Mann and Ben Tillet in the Dockers' Union. As secretary of the Federation of Riverside and Carrying Trades he advocated a General Strike which would "dislocate the entire trade of the country and place the whole of the implements of production and industry in the hands of the workers." Edwards later turned his back on these syndicalist views and was an early opponent of the Leninists.

In 1891 Edwards organised a great march of 30000 laundresses to Hyde Park calling for them to be included within the terms of the Factories Act. As a barrister Edwards represented the Dockers Union at the Titanic Inquiry where he condemned the actions of another Radnorian, Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon. Edwards also represented the rail workers union in the famous Taff Vale case.

Clement Edwards was eager to stand up for his native county at Westminster. When the Tories sought to exclude New Radnor from the benefits of church disestablishment because of the supposed English sympathies of its inhabitants, Edwards could call on his knowledge of the area to reply:

"The hon. Member laid down a general principle, however, to which from personal knowledge of New Radnor I will bring its case to the test. He said that it would be well for the Bill, and for future peace in Wales, that only those parishes should be Disestablished where there was a preponderance of Welsh feeling, sentiment, and sympathy. I have no hesitation whatever in saying that the parish of New Radnor which is in Radnorshire, possesses Welsh sympathy and sentiment which is quite preponderating. Applying the general test I should pick out New Radnor as one of the parishes of Radnorshire which has become least Anglicised, except perhaps certain parishes on the Cardiganshire and Breckonshire borders."