Monday, August 30, 2021

Wales Today

The Covid era is dominated by agendas: big pharma - which has far too much influence over the medical profession - wants to make money; environmentalists want to shut down industry; eugenists want to rid the planet of useless eaters; comic-book billionaires dream of transhumanism and outer space.  Oh and the media remember who butters their bread and have mutated into mere propaganda machines.

If all that wasn't bad enough the real driving force are the West's deep states.  They see the pandemic as an opportunity to implement measures that would be impossible in normal circumstances - vaccine passports will quickly form the basis of digital identity cards and the disappearance of cash is just  around the corner.  Imagine what power, for good, but more likely evil, those two measures would give the state. When conspiracy theorists talk of chipping they are just a couple of years ahead of the curve.

Where does Wales stand in all this?  Let's be honest Wales is finished.  When the main nationalist party is just an echo chamber for globalist talking points what chance does Wales have?  They can't even do anything to stem the ethnic cleansing via cheque book that is happening in all the rural areas, worse than that they don't even want to.  There is an historic shift happening towards a multi-polar world, the West is rotting from the head, all of which escapes the notice of nationalists, fixated as they are on the Anglo values of the BBC and the blue check media.

Thank you.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Some more music from Ireland

The very talented Dea  Matrona.