Tuesday, October 05, 2021

An Irish Patriot in Radnorshire

The Irish War of Independence saw Cork born Sheila Browne commanding Liverpool's Cumman na mBan.  As such she engaged in various revolutionary activities: an arms raid, obtaining paraffin for arson attacks and transporting money to Dublin. Finally arrested she spent three months in jail before she was released through lack of evidence.

This was enough to obtain her a small military pension from the Free State government, although it might have alarmed the good folk of Radnorshire, where she was evacuated along with a class of Liverpool schoolchildren in 1941. Billeted in the wilds of Rhiwlen, Miss Brown now encountered some difficulties with the Dublin bureaucrats.  They wanted a person of sufficient stature to confirm her existence, but where, she complained, was she to find such a person when her only neighbours were mountains and her companions children?  Eventually she moved closer to civilization in Hundred House.

Miss Browne was clearly able through education and connections to cope with the red tape.  Sadly this was not true of Kate Evans, a miner's wife from the Irish community of Dowlais.  We've met Mrs Evans before, she was the leading light of a group who were obtaining explosives from the mines and transporting it to Ireland.  Eventually she was caught and jailed for 7 years.  The bureaucrats were unimpressed and wondered about her maiden name, some of her comrades could not be traced, the evidence of others was ignored while they engaged in an ill-tempered correspondence with an official who had had enough of their enquiries in other cases.  Mrs Evans, a widow in ill-health had her pension application rejected.

Mrs Evans wrote to De Valera complaining of being forgotten after suffering much for Ireland, her letter was passed back to the pensions office and ignored. It's ever thus for the working class.  Here's a song about Cumann na mBan:

Friday, September 24, 2021

Nothing on the Telly

One of the depressing features of present day Wales is how anglocentric professed adherents  of its national movement have become.  Oh sure they generally claim to be Europeans, whatever that means, but anything outside the Atlanticist bubble doesn't get a look in, they are good little followers of the BBC and the Guardian.

Personally I dumped my TV more than 20 years ago, disgusted by the one-sided reporting on the Balkan wars, a few years later I stopped buying the London papers.  I don't think I've missed very much.

There is plenty to see on YouTube, great Russian war films like 72 Hours, Come and See, and The Dawns Here Are Quiet ..... all with English subtitles; and popular shows like the superb Detective Anna - 98 episodes for anyone missing endless re-runs of Poirot and Miss Marple.


Monday, August 30, 2021

Wales Today

The Covid era is dominated by agendas: big pharma - which has far too much influence over the medical profession - wants to make money; environmentalists want to shut down industry; eugenists want to rid the planet of useless eaters; comic-book billionaires dream of transhumanism and outer space.  Oh and the media remember who butters their bread and have mutated into mere propaganda machines.

If all that wasn't bad enough the real driving force are the West's deep states.  They see the pandemic as an opportunity to implement measures that would be impossible in normal circumstances - vaccine passports will quickly form the basis of digital identity cards and the disappearance of cash is just  around the corner.  Imagine what power, for good, but more likely evil, those two measures would give the state. When conspiracy theorists talk of chipping they are just a couple of years ahead of the curve.

Where does Wales stand in all this?  Let's be honest Wales is finished.  When the main nationalist party is just an echo chamber for globalist talking points what chance does Wales have?  They can't even do anything to stem the ethnic cleansing via cheque book that is happening in all the rural areas, worse than that they don't even want to.  There is an historic shift happening towards a multi-polar world, the West is rotting from the head, all of which escapes the notice of nationalists, fixated as they are on the Anglo values of the BBC and the blue check media.

Thank you.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Some more music from Ireland

The very talented Dea  Matrona.

Saturday, November 07, 2020

The American Election

Of course the news media don't certify the result of the American election, that's the job of the electoral college and perhaps ultimately the Supreme Court.  The drama still has a few more scenes left to play

Let's assume though that Biden has won, there are quite a few positives to take away.  No more Pompeo or Pence for starters, although their replacements will be equally as satanic.  The white working class support for Trump dropped a little, no doubt disillusioned with the failure to drain the swamp.  Meanwhile black and Latino support rose, showing that men, especially, reject identity politics and are attracted to the idea of unity based on common economic interests, call it class if you like. 

Then you have 70 million voters who must be thoroughly disillusioned with crooked mainstream politics, that's a great engine for real change.  And finally some of the most obnoxious people on the planet think they've won a great victory, they'll be emboldened - really they can't help themselves - and will no doubt hasten a day of reckoning with their stupidity.

So what has any of this to do with Wales?  At least there is some interest in the US Election amongst the Welsh political class, although none of it advances much beyond echoing woke mainstream media talking points.  The world beyond the EU and the Anglosphere elicits little interest, and this at a time when global power is shifting away from the West.  Nationalists make the perfectly valid point that Wales is rich enough to be independent, whether it has the necessary leadership to bring that about is doubtful.

Wednesday, May 06, 2020

What's Happening

How many realise that the architect of the lockdown Neil Ferguson is an old boy of Llanidloes High School?  He's the same age as another OB, the actor who plays Ian Beale in the BBC soap Eastenders, perhaps they were contemporaries. Anyway, as in any mediocre soap, a blonde proved the downfall of Ferguson, while perhaps the country would have been better served if Mr Beale had been its chief advisor on matters pandemic.

The one reliable statistic amidst a deluge of facts and nonsense are excess deaths, the weekly comparison with this year's totals and those of previous years provided every Tuesday by the ONS. These show that up until week 13 of 2020 things were proceeding much as usual, there was a big jump in week 14 - but that was only marginally worse than the figure for week 2 of 2015.  For the last three weeks the figures have steamed ahead, peaking in week 16 (April 17) with a slight fall in week 17.  I'd expect them to fall again next week.

Of course these figures are time delayed by a week or so and the excess deaths  may also include victims of other diseases who avoided seeking prompt treatment for fear of contracting the virus. That said they do give an idea of the severity of the outbreak, serious but not overwhelmingly so, especially for the majority of the economically active.

Saturday, April 25, 2020


The virus, while serious, is not so dangerous that it has replaced the old normal in the minds of many.

Remainers hope that it will derail brexit, Labour see the possibility of escaping what seemed like an inevitable decade of Tory rule and Nationalists dream that it might prove a wedge between Wales and Westminster.   For the climate crisis crowd empty skies and travel restrictions are a glimpse of utopia while authoritarians revel in the new rules and limitations on freedom. You feel that the "old normal" would be far from their minds if they were truly worried about their own imminent mortality.

The real danger for the majority is not severe acute respiratory syndrome or even the economic consequences of a prolonged lockdown, rather it is the opportunity the pandemic affords the West's kleptocracy - let's call them the deep state - to progress a wishlist that makes a reality of what was previously the preserve of science fiction novels, from the cashless society to chipping.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Americana 2

Saturday, April 11, 2020


Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Past is a Foreign Country

Spot the Welsh language poster in these film snippets of the Irish fascist party Ailtiri na hAiseirghe. There's an interesting book entitled Architects of the Resurrection detailing the activities of this group. Their policy basically saw the establishment of a Catholic, wholly Gaelic Ireland somewhat along the lines of Salazar's Portugal and the military conquest of the North.