Thursday, June 27, 2024

The Election

 So here we are a week out from an election in a country with an economy ruined by self inflicted wounds - covid, climate change and immigration.  Oh and a few weeks before a possible planet destroying war really kicks off. 

The funny thing is that no-one is talking about the coming war, the real reason tweedledum called the surprise election - he supposedly wants out before it happens.  Meanwhile tweedledumber - the guy who is perfectly OK with cutting off the water to Gaza - has no such qualms.

So off we'll trot, photo identification in hand, to cast a vote in what may well be the last election for a few generations, it doesn't really matter does it?  Our Plaid Cymru candidate - I voted for them in pre-woke days - was the Green Party choice at the last election.  I wouldn't vote for her then so why should I now?  There's an abolish the Welsh Assemby guy, a limited ambition while you have two main candidates eager to abolish the world.  I'll probably not bother.


The LibDems won B&R which was probably the best possible result of the parties in with a chance- hopefully they are less likely to lust after war than the Tory or Labour leaderships.

Plaid are exactly where they have been for the last 50 years, the party of choice of the diminishing Bro Gymraeg.  The promised breakout is as distant as ever and they were easily outshone by Reform unknowns.  Do they ever think why?   Perhaps they'll blame the racist voters - that's the usual go-to of the Western globalists. The election of Llinos Medi was one bright spot, a candidate who clearly has some understanding of the voters.

The new Labour defence secretary quickly scurried off to Odessa to pledge undying support for the occupying regime - plus ça change.


Robert Tyler said...

Wow, now that's pessimistic. Probably right, but still.

radnorian said...

Well hopefully all the mad Nato rhetoric and actions such as cluster bombing a Crimean beach are just aimed at convincing the Russians that they are dealing with lunatics and better pull back. Unfortunately they are lunatics so who knows where it all ends.

Bryn-Daf said...
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Bryn-Daf said...

Just came back to this good blog after years. Very sad to see you swallowed the russian lies about the beach bombing.

The missile was hit by air defence and deflected towards a civilian beach. Not the intended target. Unlike Russia lobbing bombs into civilians areas killing hundreds of children

Where is the complaint about Russia invading a country which wholly voted for independence in 1991.

btw....the actual meaning of Woke = questioning the impact of colonialism and imperialism on vulnerable groups....
I ignore any fabricated meanings created by the like of the the Telegraph....and its endless English imperialist dribble ..... woke is nothing to do with sexuality

Anonymous said...

I can't remember a quieter election than this, I've only seen a handful of placards about the place down here in Gwent.

radnorian said...

Dear Bryn, Have you ever considered that you might be the one who has swallowed the propaganda. As for woke, words have a trajectory of their own, you might have your own definition but for the masses it refers to the "progressive" side of the culture war, which has very little to do with colonialism - other than seeking to impose Western values on traditional societies.

radnorian said...

There were actually two referendums in Ukraine in 1991, in March there was a substantial majority to remain in the Soviet Union with only the area around Lvov voting for independence. The second referendum in December voted to leave the already disintegrating USSR. This decision was accepted until the coup in 2014 with the elected president forced to flee and the governing Party of the Regions banned along with the still substantial Communist Party. Crimea took advantage of its special status as an Autonomous Republic to rejoin Russia and a civil war broke out in Eastern Ukraine.

radnorian said...

I was hoping that Bryn would come back - but no. Anyway he may be right about missiles being hit by air defence, it happens. Most of the civilian deaths in Kiev are caused by wayward air defence coming down to earth. What is different is that the beach casualties were caused by cluster munitions - you don't aim cluster munitions at cities.