Thursday, June 29, 2023

Armageddon and Idpol

I don't know if the West ever thought they could beat Russia in Ukraine, perhaps they did but clearly that's not the case now.  Today the aim seems to be to kill as many Russians, and Ukrainians, as possible.  Hang on, they want to kill Ukrainians?  Well clearly if you think the Russians are going to win and that Ukraine will be absorbed into the Federation, then the more damage you can inflict both economically and demographically to the future Greater Russia the better.

As a last throw of the dice the extreme warmongers want any nuclear incident at the Energodar reactor to be treated as an Article 5 attack on Europe, necessitating direct Nato involvement in the war.  Clearly this is an invitation to the Kiev regime to carry out such an attack knowing that the mainstream media will rush to blame Moscow.  Today's announcement of an evacuation of Nikopol is extremely worrying in this regard.

Meanwhile Wales carries on blissfully unaware that there's a good chance that we are living in the last days of humanity.  The actions of the laughable Welsh government make even fervent supporters of devolution regret ever voting for the Assembly.  Steadfastly ignoring the real problems facing Wales the Drakeford clique and their Plaid allies seek to solve non-issues by imposing busy-body controls on an apathetic population.  The controls rather than the solutions being the whole point of the exercise.

Friday, June 16, 2023


Every now and then during the last year I've typed Wcrain into the twitter search to see what my fellow countrymen have to say about the war.

Apart from a Ukrainian lady who is learning the Welsh language - hir oes iddi  - posts from individuals are rare, the majority come from bodies in receipt of public funds,  it's almost as if posting something in support of Nato's war was a condition of receiving government handouts.  The same thing is true, if less markedly so in respect of the climate change agenda and other right-on issues.

A few months ago there was a bit of a stir when the online magazine Spiked published an article criticising the over reliance on public sector employment in Wales and the way in which a new elite was forming, employed by the state, paying lip service to the language, intolerant of criticism, prone to nepotism and group think; oh and divorced from the lives and attitudes of ordinary working class folk.

This developing class certainly fits in well with the pro-war, anti-democratic, pro-globalist forces which are dominating much of the Anglosphere and its European puppets.  The only problem is that these forces are having their bluff called by the multipolar world.  Their days are numbered.

Given how devolution and even the Welsh language have become associated with this class of apparatchiks there is a danger that their inevitable fall will see the baby thrown out with the bathwater.