Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Motor Racing on the Telly

One of the things about getting older is that what is history for younger people is memory for you. How many times have I read that there wasn't much motor racing on the telly before the age of Murray and James. Now this is just twaddle. Likewise the idea that the sport had a low profile in the 50s and 60s. People just repeat this nonsense and because it is churned out so often, it gets accepted as fact. How on earth do these fools explain how Stirling Moss got to be a household name! Anyway here is a list of live motor racing shown on British TV in 1962:

April 7, Oulton Park (BBC)
April 14, Silverstone (ITV)
April 23, Goodwood (ITV)
April 28, Aintree (BBC)
May 12, Silverstone (ITV)
May 26, Goodwood (ITV)
June 3, Monaco GP (BBC)
June 11, Mallory Park (BBC)
June 11, Goodwood (ITV)
June 23/24, Le Mans (BBC)
June 23, Goodwood (ITV)
June 30, Scotland (BBC)
July 7, French GP (BBC)
July 21, British GP (BBC)
August 4, Silverstone (ITV)
August 6, Brands Hatch (BBC)
August 11, Silverstone (ITV)
August 18, Goodwood (ITV)
September 16, Italian GP (BBC)
September 22, Goodwood (ITV)
October 6, Silverstone (ITV)
December 26, Brands Hatch (BBC)

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