Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Motor Sport Wills

While we are on the subject of wills ( see the post on Tony David below ) here are some details of amounts left by various Motor Sport personalities: David Purley left £670427; Graham Hill £41726; Alfred Moss - Stirling's father - left £218963 in 1972; while Ron Flockhart left a modest £7669 ten years earlier. Those two Mon Ami Mates.......well Hawthorn left £57457 and Peter Collins just £4972.

Some Welsh wills: pre-war racer Roy Eccles left £68275; while Parry Thomas left £6251. Perhaps the most interesting motor sport related will was that left by the mother of Humphrey Cook of ERA fame, it consisted of four bound leather books, a total of 2216 pages, the longest will on record at the time. Cook was of course the stepfather of David Blakely, the race driver gunned down by Ruth Ellis.

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