Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Radnorshire Bardic Poems, 13

No 142 To Seek the Support of St David for Elfael

The archbishop over every tribe,
Your three tongues are swift;
Holy Dewi, of unignoble birth,
You are a wizard…….
Son of Sant, no wrathful child,
And grandson of Ceredig.
You were descended from Cunedda Wledig,
Wise, wealthy and good.
Your miracles for your people began
Even before you were born:
When Gildas came, he was able
To preach in every language,
Although he did not speak or write a word,
With holy Non there in his presence.
From the corn you drove the birds
To a house of the night greatly tamed,
And the warm spring of the black brook
You crossed through the true Jesus.
You ate, you did not take offence,
Dry white bread and poison;
Despite the wickedness of the poison,
Holy Dewi, you were not ill.
For their treachery you struck dead
Boea and his wife for their pains.
After this you movedUp to Llandewi Brefi;
Under your feet the One God caused
A fair hill to grow for eternity;
So that they could hear your ready sermon
In a true place, in Enlli
You came, my generous royal prop,
To Colfa and to Elfael.
You built with lead, two palaces,
Angel of a bishop, in Glasgwm,
A bishop’s palace for Wales and for her men,
For God and for those who pray.
To our lives you brought
Wine and nine kinds of expense.

Your tenants worship you,
Dewi and Christ, come you are needed.
It is proper that there should be no revenge
Like that in Elfael of the mead.
To your parishes, far Dewi,
To six more domains,
A great evil and pestilence has come,
God and his candle, between kinsfolk!
Dewi, eagle of the east,
Put them at Peace.
From the love of the ten lands that follow you,
Make Glasgwm hold a school,
Empower Elfael with good for two ages,
Mark Cregrina with your cross,
Enchant all of the fair, broad country,
And rule the land of Rhiwlen.
Cold to have, from most, only complaint,
A kindred full of poison.
Don’t allow it, Dewi, from your goodness,
This poison between those of one blood,
Nor any blood feud, nor enslaving temper,
Nor rekindled enmity.

The land of Elfael is generous,
It is your land, Dewi.Oh Dewi, guide the land
Until there be no more sickness or anger.

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