Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Few Words About

Ivy Leona Cummings was born in London 27th October 1900, the daughter of car dealer Sydney Cummings. She achieved some early celebrity when she lapped the Brooklands track at aged twelve after sneaking onto the circuit in her father's car. After the Great War Cummings raced at Brooklands, on the sand at Skegness and in France. You can see some early film of her in 1921, winning a race in France follow this link and click on view the story. In 1926 the Cummings Bugatti led the Grand Prix de Boulogne for the first three laps before overturning in a ditch on lap four - the three laps accounted for a quarter of the 448 kilometer race. Cummings married a radiologist Dr Henry Warren-Collins who persuaded her to give up the track. She died in London 4th December 1971.

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