Saturday, July 28, 2007

London Gazette

The London Gazette is a good source for filling in the biographical gaps for some of the more obscure pre-war racers. The Welsh-born Brooklands driver Philip Turner is a good example, the Gazette records his change of surname in 1919, the collapse of his business in 1935 and his death in Brighton on 30th March 1949. Irene Schwedler, her real name was Ilse, was a well-known competitor before the war who seems to have disappeared without a trace as far as the motor-sport world is concerned. What happened to her? The Gazette shows a change of name to Sadler in 1947.

Another good thing about the Gazette, you can check which of your neighbours has ended up in the bankruptcy courts.


Anonymous said...

Here are some details of Miss Schwedler's Brooklands results:

1931, October 17, BARC Meeting,
Women Handicap, 6.5 miles, 8 starters
1- Miss Fay Taylour, Talbot AV105 2970 cc
2- Mrs T. H. Wisdom, Invicta 4497 cc
3- Miss Irene C. Schwedler, Alvis 1645 cc

1932, June 18, BARC Inter-Club Meeting
Sport Long Handicap, 9 miles
1- Miss G. Hedges, Talbot 2276 cc
2- A. D. Taylor, Riley 1089 cc
3- Miss Irene C. Schwedler, Alvis 1645 cc

Stanley Cup (best Club of the day, on points)
1- Junior Car Club (H. J. Aldington/ Major A. T. G. Gardner/ P. F. Parker, 18 points
2- Women's Automobile and Sports Association (Miss G. Hedges/ Miss Schwedler/ Miss M. Allan, 17 points
3- Brighton & Hove Motor Club (holders), 15 points
4- Motor Cycling Club, 12 points
5ex- Cambridge University AC, 3 points
5ex- Light Car Club, 3 points

1933, July 8, BARC Inter-Club Meeting
Lightning Short Handicap, 6.5 miles
1- Miss I. C. Schwedler, Alvis 2511 cc
2- E. L. Bouts, Leyland-Thomas 7266 cc
3- Miss G. Hedges, Talbot 2276 cc

Stanley Cup
1- Frazer Nash CC, 48 points
2- Brighton and Hove MC, 25 points
3- Women's A and SA, 23 points
4- Mid-Surrey AC, 13 points
5- Junior CC, 6 points

1934, May 21, BARC Whit-Monday Meeting
Merrow Junior Short Handicap, 6.5 miles
1- D. A. Aldington, Frazer Nash 1496 cc
2- F. Allen, MG 747 cc
3- W. E. Humphreys, Alvis 1496 cc

P- Miss I. C. Schwedler, Alvis

1934, July 21, Light Car Club Relay
3rd - Miss Schwedler’s Team (I C Schwedler, Doreen Evans, Margaret Allen), MG Magnettes

1938, August 1, BARC Bank Holiday Meeting
The Talbot car race
1- C. A. Woodling, Talbot "10" Saloon
2- H. O. Radbbourne, Talbot "10" Saloon
3- Miss Fay Taylour, Talbot "10" Saloon

E-W. M. Couper, Talbot "10" Saloon
E- C. G. H. Dunham, Talbot "10" Saloon
E- I. C. Schwedler, Talbot "10" Saloon

Anonymous said...

She was a wonderful person and I knew her very well she died in the late 70's

radnorian said...

Thanks for these comments - anymore information on Miss Schwedler's life would be very welcome.