Monday, February 04, 2008

Llandrindod's Inner Gateway

Who knew that Llandrindod had an Inner Gateway. I've always thought of it as a Victorian town but Powys County Council must have discovered some medieval town walls because they're ready to mark that inner gateway with some exciting new works of art. Phillipa Lawrence, see her work here and Tony Stallard, here, are the artists who are going to put Llandod on the map with works of "national importance".

Councillor David Peter urges the townsfolk to get involved. Well I'm not from Llandrindod but I'm certainly one of the County's long-suffering council tax payers, so here goes. The main argument used in favour of these works of art, at least when talking down to us philistines, seems to be bringing tourists into the town. OK, why not go for something big and vandal proof like the Giant Merino (pictured) .... maybe, given the town's sporting history, a couple of giant bowls ... one black one, one white one.


landodlip said...

i adore your blog and what makes it even more condusive you have such insight into what is holding llandrindod back.

Anonymous said...

What is holding Llandrindod back?

Too many bloody Michael Moore and Al Gore fans.

Also too many lamposts and not enough piano wire...but that's another story.

Anonymous said...

A statue of Michael Moore would be good ..... you could threaten to take the kids down to see it if they were naughty.