Friday, May 30, 2008

Radnorshire Arts Update

Work continues apace on Llandrindod's newly discovered inner gateway, we'll post pictures as soon as the installations are installed. Can't wait.

Meanwhile some sad news from St Peter's Church, Evancoyd where a 500 year old painting by the Italian artist Bernadino Luini was stolen from the church. Who even knew that such a treasure was to be found there?

Finally lets mention a challenging new work from that little known Breconshire artist Steffan Powell (right) called "Soggy Soggy Soggy Olé Olé Olé" - a collection of sodden Panama hats collected from this year's Hay Literary Festival field.

UPDATE, I've always been a great supporter of Breconshire artist Steffan Powell, sometimes against my better judgement, so it was with sadness I heard that, since his recent critical success, Steffan seems to have ditched his old friends - admittedly a rather sad and desperate bunch - for a newer, trendier crowd. On a totally unrelated matter it was good to hear that the Liuni has been recovered from a Mid-Wales art gallery.


Anonymous said...

Just like to say that I've worked on a couple of projects with Steffan and he's a really talented guy.

Anonymous said...

Soggy Soggy Soggy Olé Olé Olé is a major new work from a unique artist. Man's puniness in the face of the elements is a theme as old as art itself.Rarely has it been expressed with such contemporary modernist angst. The panama, symbolic of prestige and power, rendered impotent by the incessant torrent. A Turner contender for sure.

Anonymous said...

Thanks margy wow