Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Forgotten Radnorian

While Llandrindod celebrates the promised influx of visitors attracted by the erection of its "internationally acclaimed" inner gateways, spare a thought for another locally born sculptor - Doris Lindner.

Miss Lindner, who was born in Llanyre in 1896, is best known for her work for the Royal Worcester factory. see the illustration of the great racehorse Nijinsky.

As well as her porcelain pieces Miss Lindner, who died in 1979, also took on larger commissions, the statue of Arkle at the Cheltenham racecourse for example.

Given the "success" of the current gateways, perhaps a third gateway could be erected on the town's western approaches and one of Miss Lindner's bulls would surely fit the bill.


Anonymous said...

"one of Miss Lindner's bulls" Surely you mean horse ... or is it envy of the magnificent statue of a bull that stands on the other side of the Wye.

radnorian said...

Llew - I agree that the Builth bull is a magnificent icon for your town and may I add that comments such as "a chicken would be more appropriate" are quite uncalled for.

Anonymous said...

Kjj - I fear that Miss Lindner's horse would be rather one dimensional for the educated artlovers of today's Llandrindod. After all a horse is just a horse, as indeed the Builth bull is in the end merely a bull. Boring, boring classicists.

However some creative thought and understanding can produce a modern masterpiece that symbolises the unique architecture of Llandrindod's churches, the drystone walls so prevalent in the county and much, much more.

Poor Builth having to make do with just the sight of bull whilst across the river they've got sound and smell.

Anonymous said...

sound and smell ..... er the plan to hold the cattle market in the main street has fallen through then?

Anonymous said...

sadly yes so we'll have to make do with our statue that looks like a bull but, unlike the inner gateways, doesn't emit bullshine.