Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Don't Panic!

Back in the Sixties the joke was that when the Free Wales Army talked about a round, they meant Double Diamond and certainly not ballistics. On one occasion, however, the brave lads in forage caps did step out of the tabloid spotlight for a night of genuine armed rebellion. John Humphries tells the tale in Freedom Fighters.

The serious bombmakers of MAC decided to use the FWA to launch an attack on the Elan Valley pipeline in Radnorshire. A bomb consisting of 40 sticks of gelignite attached to a car tyre was to be placed in the pipe itself and exploded. Everything went according to plan, the FWA found the aqueduct manhole cover, broke in and lowered the bomb into the waterway. However in their haste the FWA had forgotten to attach the detonator.

There the bomb remained until discovered by a local farmer Mr Powell of Cefn Penarth, Crossgates. The bomb disposal experts were called and the good citizens of Birmingham continued to enjoy the luxury of running water.


Anonymous said...

When carrying out your research, did you come across a paperback issued maybe in the late 80's? about MAC.
It had loads of black and white photos, showed Cayo on his horse in Cilmeri?, and a picture of a team in training at Abergwesyn. It also gave details and maps of the story you referred to.
I lost my copy, any ideas??

Anonymous said...

yes Anon it's called To Dream of Freedom by Roy Clews, published by Y Lolfa in 1980 - I'll have to get a copy as I haven't seen it for years