Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dash for Cash

Back in the mid-Sixties a brilliant young driver, new to Grand Prix racing, invited Innes Ireland out to dinner, he wanted some advice. Innes's pleasure at the apparent compliment soon turned to disappointment, when he found that the newbie wanted to discuss money matters rather than race tactics. Innes had to point out that when it came to sponsorship deals, advertising contracts and the like, he really was the last person to give out advice. After all, hadn't he been sacked from Lotus for lending his Esso backed car to the BP sponsored Stirling Moss, in an effort to win the 1961 World Championship away from Ferrari.

Fellow Scot Jackie Stewart typified the new, business-like world of Formula One. Now Sir Jackie, we find that his old talent hasn't deserted him, indeed he's named in today's Sunday Times as one of the Royal Bank of Scotland's "global ambassadors", on the public payroll - in total - to the tune of £200 million. Just a suggestion but why doesn't JYS set an example to his young Royal pals, like Zara Phillips, by walking away from that RBS contract and saving the taxpayer a couple of million quid?

UPDATE: Seems like Sir JYS took my advice on this one.

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