Sunday, January 03, 2010

Just Popping Down the Shops

Here's the cover of Autosport picturing Innes Ireland's 1962 Tourist Trophy winning Ferrari 250GTO chassis number 3505GT. Now there's a quote in the Lis book that confirms that Innes drove this car on the roads of Radnorshire:

"I used to take 3505 home quite often and drive it to the races I was taking part in. I remember driving it down to Brands Hatch on the road, when I arrived the mechanics put a hot set of plugs in it and changed the wheels and I drove it in the race, then drove it home again. My wife used to use it to go shopping, it was a very docile animal."

Wonder if anyone remembers this car piloted by Innes on the Radnorshire roads or even his wife taking it out shopping!


Anonymous said...

Excellent! I can just see that parked outside the butchers' in Kington in the days before the bypass!

Anonymous said...

I saw a Bugatti 35 parked up in Builth High Street last summer ..... now there's a place that needs a bypass or a flyover.

Jeremi Klaxon said...

Needed to pop to Spar for a loaf of bread but the wife had borrowed the Veyron.