Saturday, May 08, 2010

"Fair Votes"

So what would the House of Commons have looked like if it was actually decided by "fair votes" as Billy Bragg and his mates seem to wish? Something like this:

Tories 235, Labour 188, Lib Dems 149, UKIP 20, BNP 12, SNP 11, Green 6, Democratic Unionists 4, Plaid Cymru 4, Sinn Fein 4, the Rest (around 14 parties) 17

So I guess the BNP would be up for that. Of course there are plenty of PR systems which could be worked to exclude extremist minority parties but then they wouldn't be "fair" would they?

"Fair votes" takes power even further away from communities and puts it more firmly than ever in the hands of the party bosses and the media manipulators, but hey that's just my opinion.

NOTE: I'm not sure if sacking Kay Burley is one of the conditions for Clegg joining the coalition, although it would be a fairly easy one to agree on.


Anonymous said...

Whose soup has Kay Burley pissed in then? I'm a bit bemused by it all.

Also, why does Alex Salmond think he has a mandate to speak on behalf of people in Wales when he's doing interviews?

kjj said...

Well it's supposedly Billy Bragg doing the shouting so perhaps she's been going on about his posh house in Dorset.

Someone who actually believes in independence speaking on behalf of Plaid Cymru? That can't be right!

Anonymous said...

Billy Bragg actually voted Lib Dem, so he could very well end up helping to put Cameron in number 10. LOL

Mermaid Avenue said...

So the Bard of Barking turned out to be a Lib Dem after all. Red Wedge no more.