Friday, June 11, 2010

Just a Dream on my Mind

I wonder how many people remember the 1986 World Cup in Colombia? OK I know it was actually held in Mexico but originally Colombia had been selected to host the competition. At the time I knew a few Bogotanas - heck I even had a Millonarios football shirt - as well as folk from Barranquilla, Cartagena and even Medellin; finding somewhere to stay would be no problem. Oh and Wales would obviously qualify, having just missed out on Spain in 1982. The great trip was on.

Of course Colombia did had a few problems - guerrillas, drug cartels, murder and kidnapping on the streets. I remember someone telling me that you could hire a hitman for $10 American and after she insisted on showing me her exit wound I was a believer. As it was in early 1983 with no stadium construction underway Colombia admitted defeat and handed the rights to the tournament back to FIFA.

Any hope of Wales qualifying for the rescheduled competition in Mexico ended with another ridiculous penalty decision at Ninian Park the night Big Jock died. I like to think that in some alternate universe Colombia did host the 1986 World Cup, Wales qualified and we were there.

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Unknown said...

Like the new look.

The ultimate reason for the cancellation of the Columbia World Cup was the Popayán earthquake that occurred on 31 March 1983 destroying the town almost completely. Reconstruction of peoples homes was plainly more important than building football stadia.

landodlip said...

Reconstruction of peoples homes was plainly more important than building football stadia.

and thankfully it still rings true in south afric.....oops

background too dark hurts mi eyes its like gravel road in the 50's

radnorian said...

Lippy - it is a bit dark but as a tribute to Gravel Road in the 50s it'll have to stay.