Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cors y Llyn,

The stunted Scots Pines at Cors y Llyn


Treehugger said...

Dear Lord if that's the CCW's idea of conservation then the sooner thay are amalgamated with other bodies or scrapped altogether the better. What is that hideous pathway. Is this another example of stylised rather than actual native landscape. It looks alien to me.
Incidentally why are all the distances on the CCW website metric?

radnorian said...

It does look alien, that's its charm. You expect a dinosaur or at the very least Raquel Welch to jump out at any moment. I think the pathway is to stop folk disappearing into the 50 foot deep peat bog. BTW is there any native landscape left or have the sheep eaten it all?

I do agree with you about metric though, no-ever asked the voters and it's a good example of the elite riding roughshod over the wishes of the people. Of course I'd prefer to go back to the Welsh mile which in the rather anaemic English version was the equivalent of three miles, six furlongs, twenty seven poles, and fifteen yards.

Treehugger said...

If that's the best they can do to stop people sinking then let 'em sink! Hideously inappropriate rather like tarmac in Snowdonia. Gawd our conservationists haven't got a clue.I was in the Rockies some years ago and the access trails, whilst managed were much more harmonious with the surroundings. Then again it will gel nicely with the forthcoming Cwmbach expressway!

radnorian said...

The walkway is not as wide in reality as the snap makes it appear, about wide enough for a wheelchair. And I guess it's the balance between access for all and conservation which was being attempted at this site.

As it happens the walkway is slowly sinking back into the mire in one or two places so maybe they will lose a couple of visitors to the bog before long.