Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spot the Radnorian

Who is that seated behind charismatic President Herman van Rompuy on the European gravy train in today's Daily Mail? Why none other than Radnorshire MEP John Bufton. It's a puzzle as to why the Mail should shine the spotlight on the blameless Mr Bufton. I guess because their reporter spotted him signing the attendance register at 8am one Friday morning. Critics claim that this practice, which allows MEPs to pick up a £260 allowance, is a bit sharp as the MEPs then scoot off home without using the money for the purpose of subsidising an extra night in Brussels. But as Mr Bufton rightly points out, "That's our system."

Of course UKIP have been a bit unlucky, with a couple of their MEPs ending up in the slammer and, yes, their factions do seem to spend a good deal of time trading accusations of financial impropriety, but is that any excuse for the Mail to poke fun at one of the party's honest representatives?

No doubt UKIP will be ranting on about the cost of the Welsh Assembly during next year's votes. One might have a little respect for them if they refused to attend the European Parliament. It would save the taxpayer a fair sum and remove the temptation of these ardent Europhobes becoming part of "the system."


Anonymous said...

Is that really what the Daily Mail thinks a 'gravy train' might look like?

You lose points for revealing that you read the Daily Mail, by the way.

old radnor said...

Oh good, I'll try and lose some more

Anonymous said...

Fair play. You regain points for not trying to pretend you read someone else's copy.