Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

OK I know the BBC and the Met Office both inhabit the wacky-world of AGW. Oh and I do realise they've been grossly underestimating Mid-Wales' temperatures over the last couple of weeks ...... but haven't they over compensated a wee bit on the cold side with their maximum temperature for Christmas Day? A day time max of -13C? I do hope Santa has checked the anti-freeze in his reindeer.

UPDATE: The Met's all time lowest maximum daytime temperature for Wales was -8C. I recorded a high of -8.7C during the day so I wouldn't have been surprised if the official December record (-5.5C) had been broken. Seems it wasn't. Strange that.


idan_v3.8 said...

They use the information supplied by the Met Office. The nearest observation point for Llandrindod is Sennybridge. As of 1900hrs it was reporting the temperature as -9.3c, so maybe not too far away - for Sennybridge. What Llandrindod will be remains to be seen.

Grinch said...

Not far off. I had to defrost the water supply to my kitchen this morning. Bah humbug!