Saturday, March 26, 2011

The People's Castle

I'd quite forgotten about the moves to purchase the site of Knucklas Castle for the nation. Like most local castles, the perspicacious Radnorians have long ago plundered the stone here for other purposes. Anyway the group behind the move have a blog which, like myself, readers may have overlooked, see here.

Of course Knucklas - and isn't the name unusual this far east in Wales for being partly Irish in origin - was linked by the medieval bards with King Arthur and Guinevere. Nearby Heyop was also a place of some significance, the 16C bard Sion Ceri comparing the town of Oswestry to the former glories of Heiob. Perhaps a lost tale would have explained the comparison.

All very mysterious. The Cornish have built a tourist industry on less.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug!
By the way, Heyope church is part of the Beguildy group and their new web site has some historical info, including grave data:

Anonymous said...

We're working on the tale of the former glories of Heyope as I type. We'll let you know what we unearth at the Knucklas Castle Community Land Project.
Thanks for mention of our website and hopefully, you'll come and visit site when down our valley. You will be welcome. (Visiting details/ map etc. on our blog)