Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Liberation of Litton Hill

One man's enclave is another man's exclave and this list shows that such geographical anomalies are more common than one might expect, even within Western Europe.

Until 20th October 1844 Hereforshire ruled the roost over a small enclave in Cascob parish, eastern Radnorshire. You can just about make out the borders of the enclave at the centre of this old map (pictured).

No doubt Radnorian joy at regaining Litton was tempered by the loss, to Brecknockshire, of that part of Glasbury parish lying south of the river Wye.

Coming up to date, it could be argued that the Shropshire hamlets of Brompton and Pentreheyling be transferred to Powys. Although not enclaves they cannot be accessed by road from anywhere in England without crossing into Wales.

UPDATE: Anon in the comments draws my attention to the Baarle Hertog enclaves in Belgium and the Netherlands. This website explains a complicated situation very well.


Anonymous said...

The best enclave system in the world is Baarle-Hertog ( ) on the border of Belgium and the Netherlands. There are enclaves of the Netherlands here within enclaves of Belgium within Holland. Superb!

Back on topic, having been to Bishop's Castle (oes enw Cymraeg am y dre 'na?) today, what do you reckon are the chances of us getting back all of those parts of the March given to Salop and Hereford during the Tudor absorption of Wales into England? I'm pretty sure there are plenty of people in the Clun Forest who would welcome it, for example. I'm not sure I want Ludlow back, though.

kjj said...

Crazy .. I like how if the border runs through your house you pay taxes to the country where your front door opens out, so people move their door to take advantage of changing tax rates.

It's Trefesgob

Since the English Democrats stood in the recent Assembly elections on a Monmouthshire is English platform perhaps someone could repay the compliment in a Border constituency, it would be interesting to see if they could beat the ED's rather derisory vote.

Anonymous said...

Very tempted to form a Greater Radnorshire Party to stand in Kington, Leintwardine and Clun.

And Builth - why not?

radnorian said...

Well no doubt there'll be a lot of ex-Lib Dem voters looking for a new home ... might be a good time to stand.