Monday, August 15, 2011

Big Enders, Little Enders

The cities may burn, capitalism collapses but the good citizens of one Radnorshire parish have weightier things on their minds. What to do with the bell from the old village school.

Should the bell be placed outside the village hall or outside the village church? A minor issue you might think, but one that has divided the parish into two opposing camps. Petitions are drawn up, friendships are reportedly ended and the community council seeks the opinion of residents in an online poll.

Now Radnorian is unable to give a ringing endorsement to either side in the dispute. A bell in the middle of a village would seem to invite disturbance in the early hours and a wishing well in a churchyard? Isn't that a bit pagan?


Anonymous said...

Don't give a toss about the bell.

However, I would be happy to make the use of the the word Dod as an abbreviation of the name of my town a capital offence. This is cultural vandalism, no more or less.

Llan'dod is fair enough - there's a tradition in Welsh culture of shortening long names, but Dod is just horrible and unnatural, and only exists because some people can't be arsed to learn how to pronounce Llan correctly.

Now I'm going for a bit of a lie down.

radnorian said...

Just be grateful it hasn't been renamed Christchurch upon Ithon or something similar. We'll wake you up when they've gone.

Bewaretheonearmedman said...

Outside the village hall is the spot. Handy for concerned citizens to sound the alarm when despicable acts of criminality threaten the very fabric of the village. Delivery vans going the wrong way down the street at 6am and suchlike.

radnorian said...

A nuisance no doubt. In the good old days they would have been clodded or dragged up the brook. Especially if they were from Builth.