Monday, November 14, 2011

Nothing on the Blog?

No new posts? I'm blaming a bit of a breakthrough I recently made on the family history front in finally identifying a great grandfather from Monmouthshire's Black Domain. This led to far too much time spent investigating such interesting topics as the anti-Irish riots in Pontlottyn in 1869 - an idea for a future post here, Radnorians involved in South Wales riots.

It turns out that this difficult to track down ancestor's paternal line ends up in New Quay in Cardiganshire or Cei Newy as his father informed the census enumerator. The maternal line goes back to that little bit of Radnor irredenta that is the Herefordshire parish of Huntington.

More posts to come? Well Piers Corbyn is predicting a December as cold and as snowy as that of 2010. So hopefully enforced shopping trips, at least, will be at a minimum.


Anonymous said...

Because Cei newydd is the spelling. Far more welsh speaking area than Aberystwyth but those caravans parks and tourism has made it seem anglicised

radnorian said...

Yes I know .... what interested me was that my ancestor had used the local vernacular form Cei Newy rather than the English New Quay or even Cei Newydd.