Sunday, December 18, 2011

Musical Interlude

With a German hegemony likely in the EU will this be the future of popular music? These girls are getting bigger and blonder and those serial-killer smiles even more unsettling. I like them and at least we'd get good beer and good sausage. Of course we might get this, in which case scrub the beer and sausage.


Anonymous said...

Tomorrow belongs to them. Is the drummer hidden behind the fiddle player?

Luiz de Buallt said...

Enough with the schlager and the volkstumliche. More Quechua please!

radnorian said...

That's not very gallant Nonny ... I'm guessing it's an example of an old German tradition called playback.

Luiz - I'm waiting for you to upload your field recordings from the Paso de Abergwesyn.