Monday, January 09, 2012

Goodbye to all that

This blog is six years old which seems a long enough run.

When I started back in 2006 there wasn't a lot of Radnorshire history on the web and some of it was nonsense.

Now we have this and this and this. More than enough to be getting on with.

By all means check back occasionally, I'll probably post something but not on a regular basis.


Llew Buallt said...

Alas none of those possess your perceptive commentary interspersed with musical interludes from around the world and envious jibes at your better cousins across the bridge. Thank you and good night. Keep the emails flowing.

Anonymous said...

All right thinking Radnorians and especially those who know Gravel Lane will be devastated by this news. Please keep writing and posting. Gwenddolen. For the record which primary school were you at?

radnorian said...

It's a long time ago but I seem to remember the headmaster was called Donald Davies. Certainly not a cabbage. Mind you I also went to a couple of village schools before I made it into the big city.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading the posts on this blog over the last couple of years. Most informative. Sorry to see it go.

Ancien knightonien said...

I've spent so much time over the last couple of months perusing the back issues of this blog that my employer would doubtless be very pleased to hear it's winding up (if he knew about it).

Thank you Radnorian from me and from him.

Anonymous said...

the greatest blog in the whole of radnorshire.
Please have a rethink.
it's too valuable a resource to stop.

Anonymous said...

Not a cabbage but a gnat. Thought so! Please reconsider and keep blogging! Gwenddolen

Elfael77 said...

Thats a real shame, The body of work you have built up over the last six years is an educational resource in itself for anyone wih an interest in Radnorshire. If you do change your mind here's one appreciative reader who will be very happy.
Diolch yn fawr iawn

Fferllys said...

As someone else has said, your blog is of huge educational interest, let alone all the other aspects, including the unique notes on cars!

Please don't stop, and certainly don't shut the blog/website down.

No other blog on Radnorshire & the historical region it formed a part of - Rhwng Gwy a Hafren - comes anywhere close to yours. Yours is really very special.

Take a break by all means, but restart - you have so much more to offer, and no one else around to fill the void.

radnorian said...

Thanks for the kind and supportive comments.

No I won't be taking the blog down, although who can say what Google have in mind for the future.

I'll no doubt post something occasionally, so please do check back now and then.

Anonymous said...

This blog is an absolute gem and treasure trove of radnorshire local history that was accessible to all.

So much of our border history has been lost to the point people has the cheek to claim monmouthshire isnt in Wales. Thankfully blogs like this provide detail to make an area like radnorshire/Sir Faesyfed seem truly rich in a living past. I go on... :P

Elfael77 said...

just called back by in case the blogs had restarted. Alas no, but I'll keep checking.
Thinking about it what I miss as much as the richness and diversity of material is the attitude.
I can identify with this blog, it somehow captures the essence of what it is to be a Radnorian and it stands up for our often overlooked area, but it does so with authority and intellect. I have particularly liked the way it persues the theme of the resilience of the Welsh language in Radnorshire.
This blog has always provided a feel good factor . Come back soon old Radnor!